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Understanding What You Do

In the past two weeks, three prospects have contacted me. That is a lot for me as I do not do much marketing other than networking. However, even a small amount of effort can result in new leads when people understand what you do.

All three prospects came to me via referrals, and they are all a good fit with the services we provide. Why is that? Because they really understand what we do: generate leads for service businesses, primarily through Google Adwords. It is clear enough that clients and referral partners can tell others what I do and when I can help them.

That is not easy for a lot of service businesses to do. Unless you are an accountant or family law attorney, it can be hard for others to explain what you do. And even if you are an accountant, how do they know if you are the right referral?

Now I admit that it has not always been so clear for my clients and referral partners to refer me. In the past, I would get referred because someone needed marketing help. And while I have pretty broad marketing experience, it would often turn out that these were not really people I could help. Marketing can include everything from website design to creating sales collateral to data analytics.

Can your clients and referral partners tell potential referrals what you do? Do they know when you would be a good fit? One great way to figure this out is to listen at a networking event when a referral partner introduces you to someone new. Can they tell them pretty accurately what you do?

If not, then you have some work to do. Start with how they would know you are a good fit. Then, make sure they have the language to describe what you do. One great way to do it is to talk with existing clients. How do they describe what you do and the value you provide. That will move you a long way towards helping others understand what you do.

Once others understand what you do, and how you are different, they can easily refer new business to you. And those referrals are the best new business we can find.

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