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People like to buy, but they do not like to be sold. With vast amounts of information and reviews just a click away, you need to give site visitors a reason to learn more from you. This is much easier when you understand what your best customers value and you can clearly state why you are different.

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An ad is too short to sell a product or service. In reality, it is an ad for your landing page - the page on your website where you send someone who clicks on your ad. Your landing page does the heavy lifting for converting visitors to leads or customers.

There are some essential components to every successful landing page:

  • Clear Messaging - Site visitors need to understand the problem you solve quickly as you only have 3-7 seconds to convince them to learn more.

  • Differentiation - There are lots of ways that site visitors can solve the same problem you solve (or they can choose to do nothing). Why should they want to do business with you?

  • Social Proof - As social creatures, we like to know what others think or do. We are more likely to take action if we know others have successfully already used a service or product. This can be shown through independent ratings (e.g. Yelp reviews), testimonials, client logos, and more.

  • Clear Call to Action - Telling site visitors exactly what you want them to do is critical to campaign success. And it is important that we are not asking for too much (e.g. social security number on an initial inquiry form) for what they are looking for.

Whether you want Factor Four to build your landing pages for you or you are just looking for guidance on the pages you are building, we are here to help. Effective landing pages increase the success of any advertising campaign, so we have a vested interest in making your landing pages effective.

"We love working with Jeff.  He is really knowledgeable with video ads and helped us shape our video campaign.  With Jeff's help, we use video explainer ads to attract qualified leads. The best part is our prospective clients are pre-sold on our expertise because they have watched our informative videos."

Contact Factor Four Consulting to start building effective landing pages.

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