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Buying decisions can take time. That is why we want to find welcome ways to stay in touch with prospects. The best ways to keep in touch build trust and connection. People like to do business with people and companies they know, like, and trust.



ust because you want to sell your product or service right now does not mean that customers are ready to buy. So, if your advertising is the only time you have contact with a prospective customer, you are missing a big opportunity.


Plus, the larger the ticket item, the more likely that a prospect will want to do research and weigh their options. That is why you want to stay in touch after the initial interaction so that your solution is part of their consideration set, even if it is months later.


Factor Four helps clients stay in front of prospects in two ways:


When done properly, a monthly newsletter is welcomed by recipients. It is a chance to connect and learn more about who you are and how you do business. It's not about pitching your product or service, it is about building trust. 

Whatever your business, you can make your newsletter more personal. Bytes, Inc. builds custom software for the B2B space. Here is what Sanjiv had to say:

"When we started making our newsletters more personal, we saw an increase in responses that have led to more proposal requests and new projects. Jeff is able to consistently combine my personal stories with our business message to keep our response rates high. He is able to transform my simple bullets of thoughts into meaningful and eye-catching stories for my audience."


Have you ever had an ad for something like a pair of shoes you just looked at pop up on an unrelated website? That is retargeting. After someone has visited your website, you can display ads to them on various sites across the internet.

This is a very effective way to stay in front of prospects cost-effectively because you are only advertising to people who have visited your website (or specific pages on your website).

Factor Four uses the Google Display Network, which includes over 2 million websites, and YouTube, where you can have your ad play before a video someone wants to watch, for retargeting.

Contact Factor Four Consulting to figure out how to keep in touch with your prospects.

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