Do you stand out from the crowd? This is one of the biggest challenges that small businesses face when it comes to marketing. To make your marketing as effective as possible, you need to be clear about what makes your business unique. Factor Four Consulting helps you uncover what makes your company special  and communicate it in a way to attract the right types of clients.


When you send a prospect to your website or landing page, it is important to make the case for why they want to do business with you. This is much easier once you can clearly state what makes you different and the benefits that clients or customers get from working with you. And, you want to make it very clear what next steps a site visitor should take.


There is no better time to reach prospective clients than when they are looking for your product or service. That is why Factor Four uses Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising to put a targeted ad in front of your prospects when you know exactly what they are searching. In addition, we use display advertising to reach very targeted prospects on many sites across the web.


Very few people make a decision to do business on the first interaction, particularly for higher ticket products or services. Factor Four uses rapport-building newsletters and retargeting ads to cost-effectively build relationships with prospects. Once they know, like and trust you, they will choose your products or services when they are ready to make a decision.