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Jeff Coleman, a graduate of the Wharton School of Business, created Factor Four Consulting to help small and mid-sized businesses achieve better marketing results. Having worked with small and mid-sized companies over the past 20 years, Jeff recognized three things:

  1. Far too many companies waste their limited marketing dollars on "random acts of marketing."

  2. Hiring a junior marketing person causes a lot of marketing dollars to be wasted due to a lack of strategy and hiring a senior marketing person means you get good strategy, but have no money left for execution.

  3. Working with an agency may make sense when creating a new website or for a specific advertising campaign. However, agencies are not good at helping small and mid-size companies figure out how to spend their marketing dollars effectively.

​If companies are able to "outsource" their marketing, they can get solid strategy and excellent execution for less than hiring a junior marketing person. That was the motivation to create Factor Four Consulting -- to help companies develop and execute on an effective marketing plan that generates a consistent flow of leads for a fraction of hiring several internal marketing people.

Jeff has run marketing campaigns for large and small companies. Some better-known companies he has worked with include Gaslamp Marriott, UCSD Medical Center, and the University of Phoenix. In addition, Jeff has taught for the University of California, San Diego Extension and the USD Office of Corporate and Professional Education.

Contact Factor Four Consulting to develop a smart marketing program to help your company achieve its growth goals.

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