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For most of us, it is hard to stand out from the crowd. We want to be part of the "tribe", since that is how we survived as humans for centuries. However, it is a lot more fun, and usually more profitable, to be our unique selves. We help you identify what is unique about your company and leverage it into a competitive advantage.



Conventional marketing wisdom holds that you need to touch a customer at least 7-10 times before they do business with you. What that fails to take into account is that many businesses spend their advertising dollars convincing customers that they are just like their competitors.

If you want to get a higher return on your marketing, you need to communicate to customers how you are different from their other options and why that matters to them. Factor Four Consulting can help identify what is unique about your company, why it matters to customers, and how you can effectively communicate it to potential customers.

Once you understand your unique strengths and can clearly communicate them to potential customers, you get twice the results with half the effort - a factor four increase!


There is a reason current customers choose to do business with you. However, most companies cannot tell you why, at least not very accurately. That is why interviewing current customers is a critical part of understanding your unique strengths.

The process:

  • Download with your team

  • Analyze competitive landscape

  • Interview customers

  • Develop your Core Marketing Message 

Once you have a clear Core Marketing Message, you can use it to get better results from all of your marketing efforts -- from your web site to advertising to brochures.

Contact Factor Four Consulting to help your company identify and leverage your unique strengths

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