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The best place to find a new client

Last week, I was talking with a prospective client about their marketing efforts. They offer a service targeted at business executives. And they assured me that they had LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter covered.

My question was why were they putting effort into social media when their target market are not high users of social media? Most business executives are not very active on social media. They see it as a distraction.

If you want to find your prospects with the least amount of time and money invested, you need to figure out where you can find them. It’s even better if you can catch them when they are thinking about the issue you help them solve.

For example, the American Marketing Association is putting on an event tomorrow evening about lead generation. You can bet that I am going. I expect to find two types of people there: marketing professionals who want to improve lead generation for their companies and agency folks who are looking at lead generation for clients.

As I help companies with lead generation and partner with agencies on generating leads through Google AdWords, this event is a great fit for me. The only downside is that it is not a weekly event. :)

The best place to find new clients is where you can get in front of them at a time when they are thinking about the problem you solve. It makes it a whole lot easier to get their attention... which is something in short supply these days.

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