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New Ways to Reach the Right Audience

Do you find it hard to reach the right audience for what you offer? It is critical to successful marketing, because putting a great offer in front of the wrong audience is not going to get you new clients.

Here are three fairly new ways to reach the audiences you want to reach.

Reaching the Right Decision Makers

If you are looking to reach specific decision makers in an organization for a one-on-one conversation, there is no tool more powerful than LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. While this tool is not brand new, it is constantly being improved and a lot of people don’t know about it. For example, it lets you easily find all of the CFOs of biotech companies in San Diego. Then, you can communicate with them via InMail. While there is no guarantee they will respond (it depends a lot on how you approach them), there is no better way that you can reach these decision makers so easily.

Stay in Front of Prospects or Existing Clients

Both Facebook and Google now make it easy to stay in front of anyone whose email you have. You can upload your email list into Facebook and target individuals on Facebook or Instagram, or use Google and target individuals on the Google Display Network. This allows you to get your message in front of prospects multiple times before they make a decision or promote new products or services to existing clients.

Lookalike Audiences

Once you have a group of prospects or clients, you can use Facebook or Google to expand your advertising to Lookalike Audiences. This can be based on people who have visited your website, existing clients, people who like your page on Facebook and more. The technology giants then use all manner of data, from demographics to favorite books, to find more people who match your target group. Then, they put your ads in front of these people.

Of course, you still need to have an offer that appeals to this audience and helps you stand out from others who could be considered competition -- the marketing fundamentals. These three new options give you ever more options for reaching your target market.

If you would like assistance finding more of the right prospects and turning them into leads, let’s talk.

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