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Real Authenticity - A 21 Day Challenge

Starting tomorrow, I am doing a 21-day writing challenge and I am going to focus on authenticity. With social media, people are sharing more about their lives than ever. While it is a great way to share family photos and causes you care about, there is so much posturing and virtual shouting at each other. What would mean for us to have more authentic conversations with each other?

And this is not just about social media. In business school, we were taught to use “corporate speak” which makes you sound like a bigger company, but does nothing to connect with your prospects and referral partners as real people. How can we be more authentic as professionals to be more ourselves and better accept who others are? Business is really about two people connecting to exchange a product or service that improves the lives of both parties.

So, I guess I will also be delving into how we exchange value with others on a human level.

That is what I want to explore for this writing challenge. I will be working without a net. Part of being real and authentic with these emails is to not get too caught up in perfection. It is about sharing authentically.

If that would be of interest to you, please click here to sign up to receive the emails. Otherwise, I will be posting them to my blog and social media.

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