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Getting Past Writer’s Block

One of the best ways for service professionals to stay in front of prospects and demonstrate their expertise is through a newsletter or video series. I get a newsletter from a carpet cleaner that I often read because it has great tips on how to clean up spills (e.g. wine) and remove stains. That is valuable for someone with two kids and two dogs :)

While many service professionals recognize this approach could be effective, many are afraid of getting writer’s block. This is understandable. However, a few simple questions are typically enough to push past it.

It is easy to forget how much you know about your subject area that most people don’t. For example, when I hear an ad, I automatically think about who is the target audience and how does it appeal to them. I can’t help it... and yet, most people are not thinking about that. You probably do the same for your area of expertise.

So, you just need a few questions to help you make your implicit thinking more explicit. If you are interested in creating a newsletter or doing a series of videos, these may be helpful:

  • What are the most commonly asked questions? Or, what are the most common questions you have been having recently?

  • What are the questions people should be asking, but don’t?

  • How have you helped a client and what was the big idea that moved them forward?

Any of these topics could easily make a newsletter topic or video. As a matter of fact, I used these to help me figure out this topic. I was having a little writer’s block, and the right questions helped me move forward.

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