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Having Enough Leads is Not Just About Revenue

Have you ever had a problem client? If you have been in business more than a few months, you probably have. Did you just suck it up and deal with that client, or did you let them go? Which course of action you chose probably had a lot do with the number of leads you regularly generate. When you do not have a system for generating new leads, then each new lead feels random. So when you have a problem client, you are likely to hold onto them because you do not have a good idea of how to replace them with a client that is a better fit. And that can make work a real slog. When you have a consistent flow of new leads coming in, it is much easier to let a client go. You know that you can readily find someone else who will be much better to work with. That also means that no client is irreplaceable, as it can feel when you do not have more leads than you can possibly help. One of our clients is currently going through the process of “upgrading” their clients (as they call it). They know they can consistently add new clients, so they are comfortable letting go of clients that are no longer a good fit. Doing this has made running the business less stressful and servicing clients a lot more fun. So if you want to make 2017 a much more fun year for business, look at how consistently you are generating new leads and landing new clients. Knowing that you can choose to not work with a particular client allows you to focus on the ones you can help the most and will be the most fun to work with. And who does not want to have more fun in the work they do? Generate a consistent flow of leads If you are looking to generate a consistent flow of leads for your business and ensure you can choose who you want to work with, we can help. We help you figure out who to target, how to target them, and use a method to reach them that is a good fit for you. We like to call it a Perfect Lead Engine. If that sounds interesting to you, contact us to schedule a time to talk. We would be happy to see if there is a good fit.

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