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Small changes lead to big results

Beginning last June, I started exercising every morning. It started with some back-specific exercises because I had been having challenges with my back. Once my back was feeling better regularly, I added on some pushups, squats, lunges and stretches. Recently, I started doing Tai Chi and weight lifting. Each has helped increase my strength, endurance and flexibility, and I am feeling much healthier than when I started. And it never seemed like a big change, it was just incremental changes that built on each other. The same is true with developing a consistent flow of new leads. If you find just one activity that increases your likelihood of getting new leads and stick to it, before long your business will feel much “healthier”. And once it becomes a habit, then you can add one more. And before you know it, you will have more new leads than you know what to do with (and that is a great problem to have). So, as you look at what you are going to do differently in 2017, try making small changes that can lead to big results over time. What would you do with an additional 5, 10 or 20 leads a month… every month? Wouldn’t that lead to big results for your business? Building the Perfect Lead Engine Would you like to get started on building a consistent flow of leads in 2017? Then let’s talk. We can help you create your own Perfect Lead Engine that plays to your strengths and ensures you attract the right types of prospects. If that would be of interest to you,

to schedule a time to talk and see if it might be a good fit.

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