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Embracing what makes us different

Who do you remember most? The people who have a quirk or passion about something unusual, or the people who are “normal”? I certainly know that there are some people in my past that I think of more than others because they were different. For example, my dad and I were talking about cleanliness the other day (not sure how we got on the topic) and my dad brought up a friend of the family who dusted the pipes in his basement every week. We have not talked with him in over 10 years since my parents moved from Pennsylvania, but we still thought of him. Another person I think about often is a close friend who passed away 12 years ago. She was passionate about optimizing things big and small. So when I try to figure out how to really squeeze more into my schedule or fit more things into the dishwasher, I think of her. The same is true of businesses. People remember those that are different. Whether it is because of your passion or just a quirk, either can work. The important thing is to stand out. For a long time, I tried very hard to look like a very professional business and to hide the fact that I am passionate about being a great father. However, what I learned is that many people connected with the fact that I work very hard to balance my work and family life so I can be around for my boys. And my last client, the Center for College Solutions, came on board

in part because I am a father who is focused on providing the best education possible for my sons. So, I challenge you to let more of what makes you different overflow into your business life. It will make you more memorable and attract more clients who really want to work with you.

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