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The Joy of Losing Clients

Over the past two months, I have had three clients leave. Normally, losing clients would seem like a bad thing. And I will admit that there was a slight feeling of disappointment when each told me they would no longer need my services. However, it was a good thing in the sense that none of these clients were my ideal client. Over the past several years, I have gotten clearer and clearer about the types of clients I can help and the ones that are the most fun to work with. The new clients I am bringing on fit that profile. It is the older clients that do not always fit. So when they are ready to move on, there is a certain joy in saying goodbye. (It is also easier when overall revenues continue to grow, even when losing older clients.) I know that this is moving my business in the right direction and the work I do with clients becomes even more fun. If you choose to get more clarity around your ideal clients and focus only on the ones that you can help the most or are more fun to work with, don’t be surprised if some of your existing clients start to move on. They will begin to sense the change. And while it is (almost) always hard to say goodbye to clients, you can recognize that it is a good thing if it gets you closer to your long-term goals. If you would like to get more clarity about your ideal clients, let's talk.

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