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Why Clarity Combined with Differentiation Attracts Clients

Last week, we sent out a newsletter for my client, Stephanie, who is a financial planner. It currently goes out to 295 prospects, clients and referral partners. From the one email last week, she had two people contact her to schedule initial meetings. How does she get such a good response rate? Clarity combined with differentiation. Let’s look at the “competition” Stephanie is up against: Have you met any financial planners? I have certainly met quite a few, particularly at business networking events. There was very little difference between them as far as I could see. Most said they work with “high net worth individuals” when asked about their target market. Yes, Stephanie primarily works with high net worth individuals. Those are the people who get the most value out of working with a financial planner. However, that is not what she talks about. She talks about “gaining confidence and clarity around money.” Does that feel any different than a typical financial planner? Oh, and most of her competition wears suits and ties. I have never seen Stephanie in a suit. It does not match the style she brings to what she does. So, what does Stephanie talk about in her newsletter? She often shares personal stories that demonstrate particular values or points of view. Her last one was titled “Making Choices... Consciously”. It is very clear who she is, how she works, and why she is different from other financial planners. If you would like to sign up for her newsletter, you can do that at the bottom of her home page: Want More Clarity in Your Message? Getting clear about your business makes your marketing much more effective, and it is the first step in the Perfect Lead Engine process. Plus, it allows you to be yourself more in your business (that makes it all more fun). If that would be of interest to you, then let’s chat.

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