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Admitting you need help...

After 8 years in business and many iterations of my marketing message, it finally occurred to me that I needed some marketing help. Yes, I was a marketing consultant hiring a marketing consultant to help me refine my marketing message. It felt like a failure and a relief at the same time. My realization was that I was too close to my own business to be able to explain it well to others (even though that is what I do really well for clients). That was eight months ago, and I can definitely say that was some of the best money I have spent. Having applied the new messaging in my communications and while networking, it has opened many opportunities for new clients. And last week, I was able to confirm that my marketing message is, in fact, clear. I was at my chiropractor, who I have known for more than a decade. He asked me: “What exactly do you do again?” since we have talked about it on several occasions over the years. When I told him: “I help service businesses generate a consistent flow of leads on an ongoing basis” he said: “Oh, now I understand!” Are you able to explain to new people you meet what you do in a way that makes it clear to them? I can say that I have met with numerous service professionals who have a real challenge with it. If you are not getting your point across, get an outside perspective. Ask your clients or referral partners what they think you do. You may be surprised by the answer. However, take it to heart and see how you can mold what they say into something that is accurate and simple for others to understand. Once you get your message clear, all of your other marketing becomes so much easier! And if you want any help with your marketing message, I would be glad to help. Contact us to schedule a time to talk

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