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Build for Longevity

During our recent family trip to Peru, we saw a lot of Inca ruins. From Machu Picchu to less well-known sites, what impressed me the most was how much of what they built was still standing 500-1000 years later.

And it was not just their temples. There were terraces they built into the sides of hills for growing food that were still in good condition...some of them were still being farmed today. We saw homes, aqueducts, graineries and more.

Our guide told us that the Incas believed their empire would last forever, so they built their infrastructure to last. They even designed their buildings and other structures to withstand earthquakes, which are common in the region.

While most of us do not expect our businesses to be standing in 500-1000 years, it certainly makes us think differently when we build for longevity. For example, when developing a marketing campaign, do you focus on getting the marketing fundamentals right or pursuing the next fad?

When I talk with business owners, they often want to know about the latest marketing fad. Should they be developing more video content or advertising on Snapchat? Instead, I ask them about how they differentiate themselves from their competitors and is their marketing message clear? Because when you get the fundamentals right, any marketing you do gets easier.

So rather than focusing just on how to increase sales this month, think about how you can increase sales next year, and the year after that. Does that mean creating a stronger differentiator? Do you need to improve your customer experience?

When we build for longevity, we create businesses that have an impact now and in the future. And isn’t that what we really want for our businesses?

If you would like to work on getting the marketing fundamentals right for you business, let’s talk. Just reply to this email to schedule a time. There is nothing I enjoy more than really digging into how businesses can build strong foundations for their marketing and in the future.

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