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The Little Differences That Matter

When my oldest son, Zach, was three years old, we were grocery shopping together. I asked him what vegetable he would like to have with dinner and he ran over to the broccoli, grabbed a head and proclaimed loudly: “Broccoli!” A mother with two young girls looked on with what looked like envy :)

As a parent, I consider my children’s love of vegetables a success. However, this is no accident. I do the cooking in our house and we do not steam or boil vegetables. That gives you a bland, uninteresting vegetable. Our vegetables are sauteed (usually with oil and garlic), roasted, or grilled, which all bring out wonderful flavors.

Cooking broccoli with olive oil and garlic may seem like a small difference, but it matters...oh so much. It can taste like a different food than steamed broccoli. This is true of marketing campaigns as well.

I have talked with business owners who tell me they have tried Google Adwords and it does not work for their business. However, when I dig a little deeper, they were doing it themselves using the Adwords Express feature. Yes, you have an advertising campaign, but it has as much flavor as boiled broccoli.

Finding your bullseye keywords, adding negative keywords, and creating ads that really make you stand out from competitors turns your Adwords campaign into something very different. It adds a richness that prospects can feel.

So if you are running an advertising campaign, be sure that you are focusing on the little differences that really matter. You don’t want a soggy, flavorless campaign...

And if you want some help bringing out the best in your advertising campaigns (or your cooking), let’s talk. Both are topics I love to discuss.

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