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Owning Your Expertise

This month, I was reminded how important it is to own my expertise in generating leads. For the past three months, we have been running a campaign for a property management company to find more property owners who want someone to manage their property.

Typically, I insist that clients use a landing page for a campaign, because their websites do not have a strong call to action. However, this client had recently had a website built that was focused on conversions, so we agreed to send traffic directly to the site.

After the first two months, we had generated 31 leads combined. While the client was not unhappy with the results, I knew we could be doing better. So, I spoke with the owner about it and he agreed to test a landing page. We set up a basic page with an A/B test of two different calls to action.

After the first month of using the landing page, we generated 33 leads. That is more than the prior two months combined. So, one lesson to take away is to use a landing page for advertising campaigns.

The bigger lesson is to own your expertise. Up until this point, I created proposals that were menus of what prospects could choose. However, that was letting them be the expert on what they needed, and to make choices that would reduce the effectiveness of their Perfect Lead Engine.

My last two proposals have been all inclusive. They either choose to do it correctly, or not to even get started. I do not want to take responsibility for less than outstanding results when they do not implement the full program.

Where are you not owning your expertise and letting clients choose less than optimal solutions? Think about how you could make it easier for clients to make the best choice for themselves. You will be serving them better.

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