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Too Close to See It

Five or six years ago, I really started down this road of authenticity and understanding what are my unique gifts. One of the exercises I did was to ask 5 people who knew me, from different areas of my life, to answer a few questions about me.

The responses to the questions were surprising similar from people who knew me in a social setting and people who knew me professionally. However the one question was “What profession would you see me doing if I were doing something completely different?” Two of the five respondents answered “guidance counselor”. Of all of the possible careers in the world, two of them said exactly the same thing.

The truth is that I love helping people and businesses reach their full potential. However, it took some outside perspective to help me become aware of it. I was too close to see it.

Even when we are trying to be authentic, it can be hard to see what we are really good at it. We commonly discount what comes easily to us... even though that is our “superpower” as we have started calling it in our household.

That is why the start of our process with clients is to talk with their clients. We want to understand what their superpower is from their clients’ perspective. We often uncover things that are really unique and make it a whole lot easier to market a company and help them find more ideal clients.

At the end of the day, success is not about how big you have grown your company or your bank account. It is whether you have made the world a better place and done it in a way that is authentically you.

If that resonates with where you want to go in life, I invite you to sign up for my marketing newsletter (if you are not already). It is about marketing and helping more people in a way that allows you to be authentic.

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