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What was the point?

My boys are involved in quite a few activities, and I am the principal driver since my schedule is more flexible than my wife’s. That means I spend quite a bit of time in the car with the boys.

The one thing you can count on is that the radio is on. My oldest son, who is very into music, does not allow an advertisement on for even 3 seconds before changing the station. He does not even listen to the DJs.

My younger son is not so quick to change the station, so we occasionally listen to advertisements. As a marketer, I cannot just hear an ad, I need to dissect it. Who is the target market? Does the ad catch your attention? How is the product or business differentiating itself?

My younger son is interested in business (he has already planned out how he is going to build his company). I often ask him what was the point of that ad? Then, we talk about the different characteristics of the ads, including what is done well and what could be done better.

While we have different ads that are our favorites, we both agree that White Dragon Martial Arts have some of the best, most authentic ads on the radio. It is clear to me that my son is becoming a connoisseur of ads, much the way I am.

Being a connoisseur of anything, be it food, music or advertisements, makes it easier for you to break down something complicated, understand the component parts and how the different pieces fit together into the whole. In my experience, that process allows you to have a much richer experience and provide insight.

What are you a connoisseur of? Are you using it to provide insight to clients or prospects? In my experience, that is where you can provide the most authentic value.

And, while some people may just tune out when an ad comes on the radio, Will and I will be finding a little joy in breaking it down and figuring out what was the point.

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