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It’s Messy

This past Sunday was my older son’s 15th birthday. The card he got from his one aunt and uncle said something to the effect that he is smart, thoughtful, and funny. And he certainly is. He typically makes us very proud when he is in public.

At home, he can also be difficult, selfish and rude. His aunt and uncle only see him a couple of times a year and he is typically on his good behavior. As his parents, we get to see him at his best and worst. In the best of circumstances, raising a child is messy.

This is a lot like building a marketing campaign. By the time it is working well and we roll it out on a larger scale, it looks like it is performing admirably. However, getting to that point is often messy. Messages may have low response rates, no one clicks through on email messages, and the return on investment (ROI) may not be there initially.

However, like raising children, it takes a longer-term commitment to get the results you want. You need to refine your target market to find people who are responsive to your message. Your message can be refined to better appeal to people who are likely to become customers, and with each improvement, your ROI improves. So, if you are working on a marketing campaign that is not delivering the results you want, keep testing and tweaking to get the results you want. Your persistence will pay off.

Speeding Your Results

Hiring a marketing professional is not a guarantee of great initial results. However, an experienced marketer can help you avoid pitfalls, identify the right things to test, and generally speed up the process so you see positive results more quickly (or know when to kill a campaign).

If you have a marketing campaign that is not quite working for you and you want to improve it, let’s talk. I enjoy the chance to diagnose these things and help figure out how to make marketing work for your business. Contact us to set up a time to talk.

Have a Prosperous 2018!

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