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Finding a Role You Can Own

My son, Zach, had a heartbreaker of a soccer game this weekend. They lost 2-1 with the winning goal in the last two minutes of the game. Even with the loss, it was one of the best games I have seen my son play. He really owns his role as defender.

Over the past couple of years, his coaches tried him as a forward because he was fast. He did OK, but he did not have that burning desire to score. Then, it was the midfield because he is big and is smart about making plays. However, he lacked passion to consistently go all out. He never really owned the role.

That is why this year has been so great to watch. Even though his team is not doing as well as past years, Zach is doing a fantastic job. He owns his role as a defender -- from intercepting passes to running down strikers making a breakaway toward the goal. After a recent game, he commented on how much fun it is to stop the other team from scoring. He likes being a disrupter.

The same is true for our roles in business. There are a lot of roles where we can do an OK job. However, that is not enough in a world where people have a lot of options. You want to choose something where you can really own the role.

Figuring this out has been a challenge for me during my nine years in business. I have a passion for helping businesses grow. However, finding the right combination of services that I like providing and that clients are looking for has been a challenge. That is how I ended up focusing on lead generation and client nurturing. Now, my business is getting more fun all of the time.

What are you really passionate about? How does that passion apply to your business role or how could you make it more of what you do? I would love to hear what you are doing. Respond in the comments below or contact us.

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