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A Different Point of View

For the last five days, my family was in Pennsylvania to visit my wife’s parents and her brother’s family. The thing that really struck me was how differently they approach the world. The most obvious example is with food.

When I buy and prepare food for my family, I am constantly looking for the freshest, healthiest food (that tastes great) I can prepare. My brother-in-law’s family focuses on convenience. While I avoid buying pre-cooked chicken, that is a staple in their house.

Of course, there is no right or wrong perspective on preparing food. It is just approaching things from a different point of view. And that is important to remember in marketing and selling.

While it is easy to get stuck in our own way of thinking, it is important to move outside of it to understand our prospects. For some people, fresh and healthy is the priority. For others, it is convenience. Whatever our prospects priorities, we need to ensure that we explain all of the aspects of our offering that could appeal to them.

With a new campaign for a university, we have had to put ourselves in the shoes of different types of potential students. Some people go back to school to move forward with their career. Others do it because they can have better job security or better provide for their families. So, we are currently testing different ads to see which ones attract the most interested prospective students.

What are you doing to ensure you are focusing on the right benefits of your offering to attract clients? One of the best ways to do it is to talk with your current clients. They can help you understand why they chose to do business with you. And that is a great first start on understanding why new prospects would choose to work with you as well.

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