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The Power of Commitment

Every Tuesday at 2pm, I have a little reminder that goes off. It is reminding me to write this blog. Sometimes I get it done earlier if I find inspiration. However, it frequently comes down to this time.

When I used to write a blog once a month, I did not have it on my calendar. It was just something I knew I needed to do. However, that made it easier to let it go and one month often stretched into two or more.

Since I committed to this weekly blog, I have only missed one week in the last 40. (And I actually wrote the blog and forgot to send it out.) If I choose to schedule something during this time, I move the scheduled time to a new slot, but I never remove it from my calendar. It ensures that it happens every week.

With very busy schedules, it is hard to get things done regularly unless you commit. Do you need to schedule a block of time every week to work on your marketing? Would a weekly time to follow up with prospects improve your ability to close more business?

What commitment can you make to improving your marketing or your business on a regular basis? Be sure to put it on your calendar and schedule time to get it done. A small regular commitment is much more effective than great intentions that never get done.

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