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When being selfish is better for everyone

Most of the service providers I know always put their clients first. It seems to be a natural fit for the type of person who becomes a service provider (including myself). However, when you focus on always putting clients first, that means that you do not do the things you need to for your business.

This month, I have been working on my sales process with Jack Kelly, a sales performance coach. Here is the big thing I have figured out : I have not focused enough on finding clients like my most successful clients -- where they get a lot of value and I make the most money. By refocusing my efforts, I can help more of the right clients and grow my business. Sounds like a win-win to me.

What are you doing to grow your business? If your business is not successful, then you and your family suffer. And eventually, if you do not make enough to stay in business, your potential clients suffer because you will no longer be able to help them.

So be a little more selfish and make sure you are doing the things that will grow your business. Whether it is finding a new source of leads, improving your sales process, or developing a new product or service, make sure you are setting time aside for it.

What can you start doing this month to grow your business? Even if it is something small, by continually doing it, it can turn into something large.

And if there is any way I can help, let’s talk.

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