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Finding your “magic bullet”

A lot of business people I meet are looking for the “magic bullet” that will change their business. They want to find the one social media tactic, the one advertising platform, or the one referral partner that can dramatically increase their business.

And that is what people like to talk about: how John figured out Facebook and grew his business by 250% in one year. However, that is not the reality that I have seen working for businesses. As the saying goes, “He worked 10 long years to become an overnight success.”

There is a lot more than one thing behind nearly any success. Each is a step forward. For example:

  • Being able to clearly communicate your value proposition to prospects in a way that resonates with them makes all of your marketing more effective.

  • Creating a newsletter that keeps you in front of prospects on a regular basis converts more of the prospects you meet into customers, even if it takes months or years.

  • A retargeting campaign turns a formerly unprofitable PPC campaign to profitable because you get prospects to see your advertising more often at a lower price.

No single thing makes you an overnight success. Yet when they build on each other in a logical fashion, the success is compounded to the point that any new effort seems to work like magic... even though it is far from magic. It is simply building on former successes.

So if you are looking for a magic bullet for your business, maybe it is time to look a little further. Consider building a plan where all of the components build on each other to make each success more likely and eventually make you an “overnight success.”

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