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The Problem with Marketing Automation

If you listen to the messages from most marketing automation companies (from email automation to optimizing pay-per-click results), you would think that automation makes things simple and easy to get better results. I disagree!

And based on the discussion we had a couple of weeks ago in my mastermind group, other experienced marketers don’t see marketing automation as an easy solution either. Yes, they can be helpful, but only

if you have the marketing fundamentals in place. No amount of email automation is going to help your business if your messages are not compelling.

The same is true of automating your pay-per-click campaign. If you have not targeted the right keywords and created ads that connect with your target audience, then automating is likely to make things worse rather than better.

If you want to use marketing automation, make sure you have the fundamentals figured out first. That includes:

  • Understanding your target market and their needs

  • Knowing how you are different and why that matters to your target market

  • Developing compelling messaging that appeals to your market and convinces them to take action

Without those things, marketing automation is just a distraction.

If you want to get started on developing a solid marketing foundation for your business, then let’s talk. We help companies with their marketing fundamentals, because when you get those right, you can get twice as many clients with one-half the effort -- a factor four increase.

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