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Perfection is the Enemy of Progress

For the past several months, I have been wanting to upgrade the Factor Four website. As I have adjusted our marketing messaging over the last six months, what I tell people is not aligned with what is says on the website.

Once I actually set a deadline for doing the project, it took just a week to get most of it updated including migrating to a new platform for the site. However, that was when I hit a wall. There were two things that required more work: a graphic on the front page and the client results page.

For the graphic, I needed to find a new graphic artist, since the one I had been using recently seems to have disappeared. And putting together new case studies for the client results page was getting bigger and bigger in my head to where I could not even seem to get started on the task.

As I was running up against the deadline for my mastermind group (I had committed to getting the website update done there), I realized that perfection was my biggest obstacle. Already, the website was a big improvement over the old one. So, what could I do to just get it live?

I decided to use a “homemade” graphic on the homepage that communicated the same point, but just did not look as nice as I wanted. And for the client success page, I used a mix of outcomes, case studies and quotes that could clearly convey to prospective clients the results we deliver and how people like working with Factor Four.

So, the new website is not perfect. However it is better than the old one and we are making progress. And at the end of the day, that is what we should focus on for our businesses and in our lives....progress.

How has perfection been holding you back from progress? I would love to hear about it. Just respond to this email or post a comment under the blog.

And if there is any way we can help you make progress with your marketing, then let's talk.

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