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Sharing Your Passion

This past weekend, we were in Valle de Guadalupe. It is a lovely wine area in Baja where fantastic restaurants are also springing up. We had a lot of wonderful food and wine while we were there. The first restaurant we went to was an outdoor affair. The six available tables were underneath the trees and the kitchen was an open-air grill. The chef actually waited on us. She explained each of the dishes in detail, even when the English was challenging for her. She told us how she went into the hills to pick local herbs and that the soup could only be made at this time of year because it used garlic greens. What clearly came through was her passion for the food. And the food tasted as though it was created with passion. And even though there were some hiccups in the service, we gladly tolerated it because it was all about the food. At a winery, the winemaker’s adult daughter ran the tasting room. She delighted in telling us about the grapes that are a very rare varietal used in one wine and how another wine involved aging in French and American oak barrels. When we had a question she could not fully answer, she went to ask her father (the winemaker) because she wanted to get us a complete answer. It was a real pleasure to enjoy their wonderful wines and experience her passion. So what does this have to do with marketing? People have a lot of choice in choosing with whom they work. When you show passion for the work you do, people tend to be drawn to it. It’s more fun to work with people who truly love what they do. Do you express your passion for what you do? It can be a real differentiator, particularly in industries where people try to appear professional more than passionate. Plus, when you focus on why you are passionate about what you do, it makes your work a lot more fun for you! If you would like some help figuring out how to explain what you do with the passion you feel, while making it interesting for prospects and clients, let’s talk. Contact me to schedule a time to talk.

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