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Knowing Where to Start

When most people look at generating more leads, they start from the wrong end of the equation. They tend to start with:

“What can I do to get more leads?”

This leads to you thinking about activity. So, maybe you go out and start doing more networking or meeting with referral partners. This activity feels good because you are doing something. And it may lead to a referral or two. However, it does not lead to a consistent flow of new leads. Why? Because you are not asking the right question. The best way to start finding leads is to ask yourself the following question:

“Where can I find the types of prospects that I want to attract?”

Now that is a question that is much easier to answer in a useful way. If you figure out where you can find your ideal prospects, then you can engineer a way to get in front of those people consistently and attract them to want to do business with you. Depending on where you can find them, you can get speaking engagements at groups where they belong, find the right referral partners who are already in front of them, advertise where they are likely to see it, and so on. That will lead to a more consistent flow of referrals than simply taking activity for the sake of activity. Everyone only has 24 hours in their day. So, it is important to use it wisely. If you are looking for more leads, make sure you figure out where to find them first. All of your other marketing activities will be much more fruitful. Want Help Building a Perfect Lead Engine? Figuring out your target market and where to find them is the first step in the Perfect Lead Engine process. Once you know who to target and where you can find them, getting in front of ideal prospects becomes a whole lot easier. If that sounds interesting, then let’s talk. Contact us to schedule a time.

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