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Explaining it in their words

Have you ever had the experience of asking someone what they do and at the end of their explanation, you are left wondering what they do? This happens because most people describe what they do from their own perspective. And for someone outside of your line of work, it can be unclear or confusing. Personally, this has been something I have been working on for a while. With clients, it is easy to view what they do as an outsider. For myself, it has been much harder. For a number of years, I would have described what I do as: “Help clients grow their businesses by finding the right ways to promote or advertise their business.” And the response I got from that was often: “Can you give me an example?” It got some conversations started, but rarely generated much excitement. Having worked on how I explain what I do and getting an outside perspective has caused me to describe what I do rather differently. Now, I describe what I do as: “Help businesses generate a consistent flow of leads.” And it is working for me. How do I know? At the last event I attended, I spoke with five people I did not already know. When I told them what I did, one person said with genuine interest: “Tell me more.” Even better, two others asked to schedule a time to meet. What is the difference? The first explanation is from my perspective. The second is from a non-marketing business person’s perspective. It is what my clients would likely tell someone we do if they were telling a colleague about our services. So if you want to really communicate what you do for others, be sure to get an outside perspective. One way we do it is to talk with our clients’ current or past clients. We ask the question: “Would you recommend [company name or person] to a friend or colleague? (If yes) What would you tell them about [company or person]?” This question gets to the heart of the message more than any other questions we ask. Feel free to ask your clients, or even better, get a third party to do it for you. You tend to get more honest answers. When you can describe what you do in a way that prospective clients really understand, you will find that more people will be interested in what you offer. Want Help Clarifying Your Message? Clarifying your message is the first step in the Perfect Lead EngineTM process. Having a clear message that prospects really understand makes generating a consistent flow of leads dramatically easier. If that sounds interesting, then .

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