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Can you find enough of the right prospects?

Yesterday, I was on the phone with a prospective client. He is actually someone I have worked with in the past, so I know his business reasonably well. His big challenge to generating leads is finding the right prospects without spending too much money or time. This is a common challenge for a lot of service providers. Sure, you can get a lot of leads from a source like AdWords, but if they are not a good fit for your business, you spend a lot to get them and then have to spend a lot of time weeding them out. That is why it is important to have a clear strategy about how to get in front of the right prospects. Some things that I have seen work for service businesses:

  • As some of the best leads come from referrals, developing a system to make it easier for existing clients and referral partners to refer clients to you

  • Targeting specific geographic areas in San Diego based on household income in Google AdWords

  • Advertising to only people at specific companies on LinkedIn

  • Using ads to screen clients before they click on the ad when using pay-per-click advertising

  • Connecting with people in a specific industry and with a specific title via LinkedIn

The point is that there are lots of ways to reach the right prospects if you (1) know who your prospect is and (2) spend some time upfront figuring out where and how you can reach them without reaching too many of the wrong prospects. When you spend the time upfront to figure those things out, you get a lot more of the right prospects for a much lower cost. And who wouldn’t want that? Generate a consistent flow of the right prospects If you are looking to generate a consistent flow of the right prospects for your business, we can help. We help you figure out who to target, how to target them, and use a method to reach them that is a good fit for you. We like to call it a Perfect Lead Engine. If that sounds interesting to you, contact us to schedule a time to talk. We would be happy to see if there is a good fit.

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