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In the spirit of giving...

As a child, I liked getting gifts as much as the next kid. However, one of my most memorable Christmases was the year that I had made enough money to buy gifts for my family. At the age of 14, I realized how much fun it is to give to others. As professionals and business owners, we can sometimes get caught up in growing our businesses and increasing our income. I know I sometimes do. Yet, at this time of year when we focus on giving, it is good to remember that the best feelings come from giving rather than receiving. So, for 2017, ask yourself some questions:

  • How can I help my clients achieve better results?

  • What could I do to make their lives simpler?

  • How can I help more people?

And I have found that a funny thing happens: the more I give, the more I receive in return. It may not be immediate, but it does come. I continue to reap the benefits from things I did two years ago or more. And, it was done in the spirit of giving. May your holidays and all of 2017 be full of giving!

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