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Don’t Throw Away a Perfectly Good Lead

Earlier this week, I was looking to hire a handyman to fix a damaged fence and do a little exterior painting. The one I had used in the past was not available at this time, so I had to find someone different. Over the past 5 years, I have talked with a couple of individuals and companies before I chose the one I worked with last time. However, I have never heard anything from any of those companies since I initially talked to them. So, I started the search from scratch to find someone new. This was a missed opportunity for those other handymen. If any of them had stayed in touch, even occasionally, I probably would have contacted them. Because they had not, I reached out to completely new ones that I found on Angie’s List. At any given time, only a small percentage of the prospects who contact you are going to work with you. The others are still prospects but they are not ready to get started right now. So, don’t throw away a perfectly good lead! If you develop a method to keep in touch, your company will be the first one they think of when they next need the services you offer. What are some easy ways to stay in touch?

  • Promotions and offers - This is the easiest one and depending on your business, it can work. However, it also gets prospects to get used to the

ideas of discounts and it really does not add any near-term value if they are not ready to buy.

  • Informative newsletter - I say “informative” because some newsletters are just about the sender’s business, and that does not help your prospects to know, like and trust you. What you want to send is something that demonstrates your expertise and is informative to them. This can be via email or snail mail.

  • Video series - Once again, these should be informative more than promotional. And video is a great way for people to get to know you.

Whichever method you choose, the important thing is to stay in front of people who already showed interest. Even if it is just once a quarter, that is better than them never hearing from you again. If you would like to build a Perfect Lead EngineTM for your business, let’s talk. We can help you find the most effective method for generating a consistent flow of leads for your business.

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