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A Broken Lead Generation System

One of my clients needs to get folders printed for a lead generation project. So, I contacted a company I had found on a Google search that offered folders that meet our criteria. When I called, someone picked up the phone immediately and was able to help. She listened to what we needed and made a good recommendation of what would be a good fit for us. After asking if I was on their website, she sent me to the page with this specific product that showed different colors, pricing and more. It was a great experience overall. After I said “Thanks!”, she said “Goodbye.” Do you see what is missing here? There was no connection made. She did not learn anything about me and did nothing to ensure we could stay in contact. No email or phone number was collected. Given that I found them on a Google search, it would be easy to forget what I searched on and not find them again. Or, I could easily find someone else with a similar product and use their services instead. At the very least, she could have gotten my email address by offering to send me the prices and links via email. Then, she could have added me to their newsletter (assuming they have one) or followed up via email. Or, she could have offered to follow up via phone in a day or two to see where we are in the decision process and offer any guidance we might need. People are busy and can easily forget your business. So, you want to make sure your lead generation system is designed to help them get their desired results. Want to Build a Perfect Lead Engine? If you are looking to build a Perfect Lead Engine for your business, we can help. Initially, we extract data from your business to understand your ideal client. Then, we leverage that information to figure out how to find more clients that fit that criteria. Then we build you a Perfect Lead EngineTM to deliver the qualified leads into your sales pipeline. Contact us to schedule a time to talk. We would be happy to see if there is a good fit.

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