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One Important Question to Ask Clients

Last weekend, I was reading the second draft of a book by a College Planning Specialist. The book explains how to successfully plan for college as the costs of college continue to grow. And it is a fantastic book. However, it suffered from one big issue: information overwhelm. When I gave that feedback to the author, she was surprised. She thought she had really simplified things (and she had). However, it was still too much information for someone being exposed for the first time. That is why I recommended that she create concrete action items at the end of each chapter to give readers a clear idea of where they should start. The same is true on a smaller scale when we tell people what we do. You would think you would be the best person to describe the services you offer. The funny thing is that you typically are not, because you are too close to it and make a whole lot of assumptions about what the person you are telling knows. That is why you can benefit from asking your best clients one simple question: “If you were to recommend my services to a friend or colleague, what would you tell them about me?” The answer might surprise you. Something you do without even thinking about may be what they highlight as the most important thing to share with others. At the very least, they will give you a concise way to describe what you do. And if you don’t think the answer is accurate, consider how you are communicating what you do to your existing clients. Being able to describe your services in a way that is concise and clear to your prospects makes all of your marketing, including getting referrals, much easier. Want to Make Your Message Clear and Concise? Making your message clear and concise is the first step in the Perfect Lead Engine process. Having a clear message makes generating a consistent flow of leads dramatically easier. If that sounds interesting, then let’s talk. Contact us to schedule a time for an initial call.

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