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Clarifying Your Message

Is your marketing message clear? I commonly find two extremes when talking with service providers. Neither is ideal. Some service providers tell you they are like everyone else: “I sell commercial real estate” or “I am a banker.” While this makes it clear what you do (if you are in a well-known field), it is missing two crucial elements. First, you don’t tell them what you do for them. Yes it is implied, but most people only tune into things that are relevant to them. Second, you have now lumped yourself into this big category without explaining how you are different. That makes you very forgettable. Other service providers want to sound different, so they give you a nuanced description of what they do. This gives you a clearer idea of how they are different... if you understand what they are talking about. Frequently, they describe it in their industry terms, so it is hard to understand. And if you are not currently looking for a service similar to theirs, it is difficult to remember. Now, I am not saying it is easy to get clarity around your message. It took me a long time to figure out what mattered to clients and say it succinctly: “Helping clients generate a consistent flow of leads.” If you notice, this is about what clients get out of it, not specifically what I do. Most people don’t really care what you do, they are focused on how they could benefit. Here are a few messages my clients use:

  • Financial planner: Helping clients find clarity and confidence around money

  • Custom software company: Helping businesses improve efficiency with customized software

  • Mortgage broker: Educating clients about the mortgage process so they can make informed decisions

As you can see, all of the messages are focused on clients and how each business helps them. So, how can you figure out this type of messaging for your business? The approach we frequently use with our clients is to talk with theirs. Even if you do not know what you do differently, your clients typically do. That is why they chose to work with you! Spend some time making sure your marketing message is clear. It’s worth the time investment. It’s easier for people to give you referrals, and it makes any type of advertising more effective. How do you know your message is clear? The best test is whether others can accurately explain what you do to someone else. Then you know you nailed it. Want Help Clarifying Your Message? Clarifying your message is the first step in the Perfect Lead EngineTM process. Having a clear message makes generating a consistent flow of leads dramatically easier. If that sounds interesting, then let’s talk. Contact us to schedule a time for a call.

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