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Hitting the Sweet Spot

My 10-year-old, Will, plays goalie for his soccer team. So, Will and I spend time working on goalie training. He has been working on punting the ball further because it can be a real advantage to his team if he can get the ball to half field or beyond with a punt. As a young goalie, Will initially learned to do a front kick. This kick has the greatest likelihood of success for a young goalie. The margin of error is less. As long as you strike the ball, it is going to go forward and move the ball up the field for your team. Now, he is working on kicking it the way professional goalies do. It is more of roundhouse kick that needs to hit the sweet spot on the ball. If you miss the sweet spot, it goes straight up or straight out (no loft). However, when you hit the sweet spot, it goes much further and can give your team a competitive advantage. That is not so different from lead generation. You can spend your time doing the thing that has a minimal chance of failing such as branding ads. They help you get in front of people who could become clients. However, if you want to give your team the greatest chance of success, you should be looking at hitting the sweet spot in your market. The sweet spot involves finding the right market, the right message and the right media. The results can be astounding. Imagine going from 1-2 leads per month to 30+ leads per month... and the leads are more qualified. Hitting the sweet spot allows you to find more of the right clients at a lower cost per leads. It can be an amazing transformation. Building a Perfect Lead Engine If you would like a Perfect Lead Engine, we can help. Initially, we extract data from your business to understand your ideal client. Then, we leverage that information to figure out how to find more clients that fit that criteria. Finally, we build you a Perfect Lead Engine to deliver the qualified leads into your sales pipeline. If that sounds interesting to you, contact us to schedule a time to talk.

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