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The Significance of the Right Support

Our kids go to a great school. A lot of people go there because they have a passion for something and want a school that gives them more flexibility to pursue it. A couple of weeks ago, they had their annual talent show. With a student body of around 300 students from K-12, they put on a 2-hour talent show. All of the kids who participated were very good at what they did. And that was great. However, there was an incident that really moved me: A 10th grade girl was playing a very complicated piece on the piano and hit a wrong note about halfway through. She froze. After seeing that she was not going to go on, the audience started clapping. They quieted down to let her start again and it was clear after a minute or two that she was not able to go on yet. So, they started clapping again. It was so clear that everyone wanted her to succeed and they supported her trying. That gave her the fortitude to go on and finish the amazing piece flawlessly. When you have the right support, you can try something new or something that stretches your abilities. Even if you do not get it right the first time, having the right support allows you to try again until you do get it right. That is what I often do around marketing for my clients. They may want to try some more personal messaging or present

themselves to the marketplace in a different way, but they are afraid of the possible rejection (as we all are). We work through it and find a way for them to stand out from their competition by being themselves. And all it takes is having some support along the way. If you would like to try something new in your marketplace and need some marketing support, please contact me. There is nothing I enjoy doing more.

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