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The Power of Habit

Are you aware of your habits? While I have been growing more aware of my habits for some time, after reading Charles Duhigg’s book The Power of

Habit, I have become acutely aware of them. For example, my mother always insisted that we finish the food on our plate as children. And that generally seems like a good habit since kids are prone to want to get up and do something else before their stomachs are full. However, it has become detrimental as I try to lose weight. Even though I know I am no longer hungry, I typically finish what is on my plate just out of habit. So, now I am very careful about how much I put on my plate. We can either be a victim of habit or choose to create habits that benefit us. One of the things I like to focus on with clients is to create marketing habits that are beneficial. For example, I help Sanjiv Prabhakaran at Bytes, Inc. put out a monthly newsletter. They provide custom application programming. The focus of the newsletter is to educate people on different aspects of custom programming, such as how it can increase productivity, why costs can vary so much, and how to have a successful project. What we often forget as experts in our respective areas is how much we know about our subject that others know little or nothing about... or often have incorrect ideas about. So, consistently putting out messages to educate people in our network about our area of business is a really good habit. Sanjiv has gotten very positive feedback from his newsletters. And after the most recent one, he got something even better: a well-known organization who wanted to meet with him to discuss rebuilding their custom database. So, I would definitely say this is a good marketing habit :) If you would like to develop better marketing habits, then let’s talk. That is the whole purpose of creating a Perfect Lead Engine. It systematizes the habits that help your business generate a consistent flow of leads over time.

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