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The Magic of Showing Up Regularly

Over the past month, I have been to the chiropractor quite a bit due to a back injury that is taking longer than usual to heal. However, a funny thing happened by visiting my chiropractor regularly. He scheduled a meeting with me to talk about his marketing. ​ Now, I have known Dr. Danny Govenar (who I highly recommend as a chiropractor) for about 12 years. Over that time, I have seen him at least once a quarter on average and many years a lot more than that. He knows that I do marketing, and over the years I have asked him how business was going and what he was doing for marketing. However, it was only last week that he recognized that I could help him grow his business. Why? He was finally in a place where he was ready to hear it. In this age of easy information, we can no longer sell people on our products or services, we need to keep showing up to the right prospects so we are there when they are ready to buy. How can you keep showing up? Here are three of the easiest ways:

  1. Email newsletter - sending people useful information on a regular basis allows you to educate them on something relevant and helps you to build trust and credibility while also staying in front of them.

  2. Retargeting - using a tag on your website, you can show ads all over the web to people who visited your site or a specific page within your site. This type of advertising is also very cost effective.

  3. Facebook targeting - if you have your prospects’ email addresses, you can load them into Facebook and advertise only to your list on Facebook (this only works if the email you have is associated with their Facebook account).

Whatever method you choose, there is a certain magic to showing up regularly... even if it takes 12 years.

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