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One topic you should never write about in a blog or newsletter

One of my clients is a financial advisor and we were talking the other day about topics for her blog and newsletter. She noted that other financial advisors write about different events happening in the markets and she wondered if we should include that as one of our topics. My answer was an emphatic “No!” Why? She is not trying to attract investors who are thinking about every movement in the market. Her target market is busy executives and business owners who want to be more relaxed about money and not have to stress about the markets. That is why they hire Stephanie, so she can guide them toward their goals. The lesson here is that in all of our marketing, including blogs and newsletters, we want to talk about what clients care about, NOT what you as a professional care about. Too many professionals want to tell you about what they care about, but clients typically do not care. The other financial advisors Stephanie was talking about don’t have any message for their market other than changes in the financial markets. Many don’t even know who their target market is other than people with money. To make your blogs, newsletters and all of your marketing more effective:

  1. Figure out who your target market is and what they care about.

  2. Talk about what matters to them.

  3. Show them how you can help them achieve what matters to them.

The principles of marketing are really that simple. It’s the execution that is the challenge... Stephanie has done a great job of figuring out her target market and creating messages that resonate with them. Check out Stephanie's blog if you are interested.

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