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Why I Hired a Marketing Coach

As a marketing consultant, it probably seems a little unusual that I hired a marketing coach for my business. However, in a month and a half, my business is making big strides forward. Why is that? While I continued to find success for my clients, I was having challenges growing my business. Having a marketing and business coach provides three major benefits: 1) Perspective We can often get too close to our own issues. My coach pointed out that most of my new business comes from referrals from clients and teaching, which I really enjoy. So, I am working on ways to make it easier for clients and partners to refer business to me. And, new referrals are coming in quickly. Plus, I am pursuing new opportunities to teach. 2) Focus on My Business As a service provider, I naturally take care of my clients’ businesses before my own. However, I cannot help any clients if I do not have a successful business. The regular calls and deadlines ensure that I am consistently doing things to move my business forward. 3) Accountability Being an entrepreneur means that I do not have a boss. However, it also means that I am not accountable to anyone for the work I do on my own business. A coach holds me accountable for getting the right things done to grow my business. We have a weekly call to discuss progress and roadblocks. The excuses I tell myself don’t sound nearly as good if I tell my coach... So, if you are looking to grow your business, I strongly recommend that you find a coach or mentor that can help. Of course, you can also outsource something like marketing if you want to focus more on operations or sales. The important thing is to get the help that your business needs to move forward and thrive. If you would like a marketing coaching or to outsource your marketing, let’s talk. Use the contact us form or give me a call at 858-220-0202.

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