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Conscious Marketing

Last week, I attended the inaugural Conscious Capitalism San Diego, which focuses on how businesses can create positive change in San Diego and the world. It was a great event and you can learn more about the organization here: And that got me thinking about marketing (lots of things do). The business owners I work with who are very conscious about their businesses are the most successful. They are conscious about:

  • their purpose for being in business (and it is not just to make money)

  • who they really want to help

  • what success looks like for them

When you are conscious about your business, it leads to three significant marketing benefits: 1) You have something worthwhile to talk about Revolution Landscape advocates for homeowners to turn their lawns into vegetable gardens and native landscapes, whether or not you choose to work with them. They regularly educate people about gardens, organics, and native species. That is how they have developed a loyal community even if they are not all clients. 2) You can help lots of people and those who want more become clients Skyriver IT is out to change the IT services industry. They want to eliminate the common frustrations around IT and make it more user-centric. The information they provide to C-level executives is useful whether they choose to work with Skyriver IT or not. However, the ones who resonate the most with the information are the ones who are most likely to become clients. 3) You are easy to refer Stephanie Barnier, a financial planner, helps professional women find more ease around money and fulfill on their life goals by leveraging their money. She gets a lot of referrals because her message resonates with professional women, she sounds very different from other financial planners, and she sounds truly authentic. That is why it is worthwhile to be very conscious about your business and your marketing. It makes growing your business that much easier. Succeeding in the business world is becoming harder for unconscious businesses. So if you would like to help raise your company’s consciousness, please contact us. I would enjoy talking about what that would mean for you.

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