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Are You Guilty of Occasional Marketing?

As entrepreneurs and busy professionals, we can get very busy with delivering our product or service. And when we are busy, we often neglect the marketing and business development that we know we should do. This leads to only doing occasional marketing. So, what is the harm in that? Occasional Marketing creates three problems: 1) Problem of Timing Unless you are a plumber offering to unclog a drain, rarely do potential clients buy from service providers the same day that they initially express interest. They want to explore, gather information and ask questions. They are not looking to buy today. So, it is a bad idea to only do your marketing when you need business. You are going to be out of sync with potential clients who are looking to buy. The smart marketing choice is to market consistently so that you have a pool of potential clients to convert into paying clients when you need to generate more business. 2) Demonstrates Inconsistency Do you want to work with someone who is proactive or only reactive? When you only market when you need business, it looks very inconsistent and reactive to potential clients (because it is). And while that is probably not how you do client work, it makes your business look reactive. Regular marketing activities make your business look proactive, which helps to attract clients to you. You are demonstrating consistency for your marketing and they assume that translates into a proactive and consistent approach to working with clients. 3) The Smell of Desperation Most business owners and professionals have experienced it: desperation for a sale. However, there is nothing less appealing than desperation. Potential clients are asking themselves whether you are being honest in your ability to solve their problem or whether you just desperately need the business. When you market consistently, you develop a consistent flow of potential clients. So, you never feel desperate to close the next deal. If your sales funnel is full enough, you can even get more picky about the clients you choose to work with. That is one of my primary reasons for developing a very full sales funnel. I want to have even more choice about the types of clients I choose to work with. Choose Consistent Marketing Over Occasional Marketing While it can be a challenge to market consistently when you are running a business, it is worth the effort. You get a full pipeline of potential clients who believe you deliver consistently, plus you have a greater choice of the clients with whom you can work. Still not convinced you can find time for consistent marketing? Here are three ways to make sure your marketing is done consistently:

  1. Block time in your schedule to get it done. No matter how busy we are, we can always find time for the important things and marketing is that important. Schedule time for it and you will get it done.

  2. Delegate it to a staff member. While you may too busy to do all of the marketing, if you delegate it to a staff member and are clear on the importance, it will get done.

  3. Hire a marketing firm to do it. When you have an outside firm dedicated to helping you with your marketing, your marketing will get it done. We help clients stay on a consistent schedule for their marketing.

So, put a plan in place for consistent marketing in 2014. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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