While Factor Four provides many different types of lead generation for clients, PPC Advertising is a core offering for many clients. To a large degree, it is because of our different approach to PPC. 


Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising is part art and part science. While many providers focus on the technical aspects of PPC, it is getting the foundation right that delivers the best results. For example, understanding the conversation in the searcher’s head helps you write ads that attract searchers and help them move to the next stage in your sales process. 


With regular updates by Google, changes in competitors’ activities, and evolving customer search habits and preferences, PPC requires ongoing efforts to maintain and improve results. It is a lot more complicated to learn than most other forms of advertising. That is why you can benefit from outsourcing your PPC campaigns.   

Any PPC campaign consists of four primary parts:

  • Keywords

  • Text Ads

  • Bids

  • Landing pages

As competition on the search engines becomes ever more fierce, all four components need to be effective. The science of keyword research and bidding needs to be combined with the art of writing text ads (only 130 characters) and developing effective landing pages. Factor Four brings 11 years of experience — a lot in internet marketing time — to every campaign we run.

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