Here are a few examples of the types of clients we work with. As you can see, they are from a few different industries. The common thread is that they are all looking to generate a consistent flow of leads.

Revolution Landscape

Factor Four started working with Revolution Landscape to help them move beyond generating leads through word of mouth and farmers market booths. The goal was to develop a regular flow of qualified leads through online marketing. This included an upgrade to their website and a Google Adwords campaign.

Results: Revolution Landscape has rapidly grown revenues and can focus on the types of projects they enjoy doing most. Plus, the owners spend less time on generating leads and more on the operations side of the business.

"In terms of marketing, our decision to work with Factor Four Consulting has proven to be the best decision we have made.  After taking the time to learn about our company, Factor Four designed an internet marketing campaign specific to our company that has generated a consistent flow of quality leads ultimately resulting in increased profits.  The campaign has measurable results which we review monthly with Factor Four and the campaign has shown to only get stronger over time as we hone in on our most ideal customers and profitable projects.  Working with Factor Four also benefited me personally as a business owner by freeing up time I was spending on marketing so that I can now focus on the work that I enjoy - building projects and providing a high quality service." - Jeff Robbins, Owner, Revolution Landscape 

Skyriver IT 

Factor Four has worked with Skyriver IT over the past three years to help them define their market positioning, create a regular newsletter, attract referral partners, refine their proposals, and launch a Google Adwords campaign. Skyriver IT has identified a frequent pain point for purchasers of IT services. That is why they now focus on providing Frustration-Free IT Services.

Results: Skyriver IT has quadrupled its revenues and tripled its staff over the past 3 years, and is on target to achieve at least 50% growth again this year.

Sessions College for Professional Design

Sessions College is an award-winning online design school that was looking to generate interest from potential students via Google AdWords at a lower cost per lead. Factor Four took a three-pronged approach to improve lead generation results by helping them to differentiate themselves from the competition, optimize their current Google AdWords advertising campaigns, and create more effective landing pages. 

Results: Within three months, Sessions College’s cost per lead decreased 57% (from $224 to $97) while its AdWords campaign generated more leads each month. 

See the full case study:

Center for College Solutions

"Jeff has really helped me find ways to communicate our value proposition and connect with parents in a way that is meaningful to them.  He has a real gift for understanding what will resonate, how things need to be positioned and, importantly, what needs to be left out.  Too often, professionals like me get caught up in our “industry-speak” and lose touch with what works in the real world.  Jeff grounds me in reality in a way that was lacking before we started working together."

--Beth Walker, Founder, Center for College Solutions

Stephanie Barnier, CFP

While Stephanie is part of the Wealth Consulting Group, she wanted to create a marketing message that was different from the firm and in alignment with the work she does with clients. Factor Four Consulting helped her to create a website and develop a twice monthly newsletter to communicate her different approach to money to her existing clients, prospects, and referral partners.


"Jeff makes marketing easy.  I can simply share my ideas and with his wordsmith skills Jeff puts together messages (in what sounds like my own words) that moves my target market and clients.  He is the secret sauce to my marketing!"

-- Stephanie Barnier, CFP, Wealth Consulting Group


“I  have worked with Jeff Coleman for help with Internet marketing and advertising for a little over 3 years because I was not pleased with the results of my Internet search advertising. Jeff has successfully created a number of campaigns, landing pages, and help with other Internet related marketing projects that have effectively increased my search results and inquiries for little or no increase in cost. Jeff’s expertise in keyword search and optimization were essential in helping us to better utilize the Internet as an ongoing lead source. I would recommend Jeff’s expertise to anyone looking for a professional in this area.”

-- Rich Tear, CEO, CSCI